Mixed use

Amsterdam | NL

3500 m2


The start of the research was based and linked to the current housing problems in the city of Amsterdam. The lack of space in the historic center and the expected numbers of newcomers resulted in new plans for the city. These plans included the rollout of the city center and the densification of the city.

By analyzing different case studies from different parts of the world we were able to have a better understanding of the relation between typology, morphology and the spatial qualities of each individual case that differed in density. One of the outcomes was the fact that living in a high density area or building often resulted in a deterioration of some qualities such as, social interaction, public spaces and green environment. These are Qualities which are essential for a healthy and pleasant living environment.

Inspired by themes such as void, density and identity, the design aims to create an autonomous structure which will provide the tower/city with collective facilities that fully accommodate individual desires.

The complexity of the building in combination with its strong and simple architectural form result both in a strong architectural statement and a rich spatial variety of the building.

It is a building with no longer one point of gravity inside. It is rather a framework where the future users will be able to fill in their ideal place, space and position. Living in a skyscraper has never been this superior as living to the ground. It is the new spatial experience!