resilient frames


Mixed use

Schiedam | NL

3500 m2

Team Members: Chengzhi Chengzhi Ye, Edu Lamtara , Sthevandre Utama, Reza Alkaabi

Situated in the city Schiedam, this project searches for new strategies that can contribute to the resilience and adaptability of cities and the reactivation of urban developments. Based on intensive research and observations, a generic

strategy has been developed in which general top-down visions and local bottom up initiatives can be converted into sustainable and resilient solutions: valuable solutions that accommodate short term wishes, generating opportunities for long term targets within a flexible and adaptable design.

The proposal intends to define a spine of self sustaining, vibrant public space where streets and squares accommodate activities for the city. By creating destinations on squares, activity on the streets in between is stimulated. The transformation is initiated from a factory on the design location, serving the rest of the city.