Mixed use

Detroit | USA

7800 m2



The Mural of Ezra Symbolizing the Large agricultural scene and the large manufacturing scene of Detroit.The building tries to bring back and revive these two scenes from the history of Detroit.

"Detroit has more vacant land than any city in nation except post-Katrina New Orleans" Jonathan Oosting,2009

The huge amount of vacant land that nowadays are been used for local farming, and the decline of population has transformed the city into a new urban landscape. The city has transformed from a industrial city to a rural type of city. At the same time high unemployment rates has forced people to live by their own resources.

The building tries to provide the city with a new platform that will embrace the new needs and bring people back to the city.

The building Implements a new type of the classical town square. The classical model and platform where people used to gather, trade, celebrate and socialize.

Local farmers come to the square to sell their goods to the local restaurants and cafes, promoting green en organic food. At the same time they will buy new goods at the shops that are located in the building.

The building will serve as a new platform for different kinds of people from small retailers to big spenders, generating a new micro economy that will regenerate the city by attracting a great number of visitors.