Amsterdam | NL

3.6-36 m2


The Euro-pallet Pavilion transforms the common euro-pallet into a sustainable building material, able to create unique structures for a variety of purposes.  The well-organized recycle system of the euro pallets all over the world makes the construction of the pavilion an extremely quick and easy process.

The arch is the starting point of the design. Wooden triangular connections are used to create a supporting system where the elements are connected to each other in a puzzle way, inspired by the Oriental wooden joinery system. Their triangular shape ensures a better contribution of loads in their surfaces while their special design fits perfectly in the gaps of the pallet. The connections can be even produced out of reused pallet-boards, while for producing a single wooden part of the connection, a 145mm width x22mm height board is always enough. A second group of wooden elements, is added next to the triangles, in order to prevent them from moving within the gaps of the pallet or to avoid horizontal displacements at the connection points. This second layer is attached to the main supporting system with wooden cylinders of 12-15mm diameter, which are easily hammered in place. No metal fasteners, such as bolts, nails or screws are needed. The floor of the structure is made out of horizontally placed pallets which are connected to the bottom ones in both sides of the arch, using another puzzle type triangular connection. The size of the pavilion can be adjusted according to the needs, by adding or removing arches (one arch gives 3.60m^2 of space).

The convenience in building assembly, the direct access in euro-pallets almost everywhere, the overall low cost and sustainable way of its production, makes the Europallet Pavilion an easily an adjustable structure for hosting creative activities in festival and temporary events..