innovation challenge


WORKSHOP | Station Area Groningen


Team Members: Sara van der Horn, Maurice Huben, Jelmar Brouwer, Robbert Boelens, Reza Alkaabi


International Conference , Building the future of Health

In the station area there is currently a high focus on mobility and accessibility: it represents the fast city.

We propose to move the epicentre of the city towards the train station: the train station as the cathedral of the 21st century, expressing the ambition of Groningen to be a healthy city. It represents both the fast and the slow city: good connectivity between the city and surroundings, combined with possibilities to rest, work, relax and connect with others.

We do this by combining the north and the south side of the train station into one area. Main element will be the planned underpass for cyclists and pedestrians, connecting north to south. There is no longer a front and back to the station, but two front sides.

The station area will be characterized by open spaces facilitating all target groups: combining the connecting function of the train station with leisure, work and entrepreneurship. It will become a place to stay instead of just a place to pass through.

The new station area will form the bridge between north and south and connects public spaces in the city: the squares and parks in the north with the Stadspark and green roof to be established in the south. It will become the centre in a chain of pearls of public spaces in the city. It complements the city centre by providing facilities for a wide variety of target groups and stimulating the establishment of upcoming sectors.

We promote a resilient and future proof strategy by using a flexible approach: flexible destinations of buildings, use of reusable and recyclable material and an open approach to the preferences of local inhabitants and entrepreneurs for development of the area.